Thursday, October 23, 2008

Details of the Rap competition!

Are you ready to Yo the Stage!!!

The Rap is OUT

Rap it All in 30 Secs

YOUTH.EM - Freedom Of Choice (Choose Life) Rap Script
A victim of collision on the open sea

Nobody ever said that life was free

Sank, swam, go down with the ship

But use your freedom of choice


I’ll say it now in the land of the free

Use your freedom of choice

Your freedom of choice

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of choice

Is what you got

Freedom of choice!


Freedom of choice

Is what you got


YOUTH.EM - Freedom Of Choice (Choose Life) Rap Track

YOUTH.EM - Freedom Of Choice (Choose Life) Rap Track - Ryan


All contestants are to Rap according to the script and track given
Each contestant will be given 30 secs to present his/her Rap on stage

The Judging Criteria:

Rapping Style


Time Usage

Entertainment Value

And with that, the Prizes will be Given to:

The Best Rapper

Most Creative Rapper

Most Entertaining Rapper

Come and Rap it OUT!!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Following the roaring success of the Youth'em Outback @ Sentosa, the DT youths proudly presents...... *drumroll*

Youth'em - Freedom of Choice!

You're cordially invited to this event that will change and empower your life like never before. Take note of the details below so you can be part of it!

:: 26th October 2008, Sunday ::
:: 3pm to 5pm ::
:: Riverwalk, Clark Quay ::

Activities to look forward to? Read on!

- The next-big-rRrRapper!

What to do?
- Rap your best in 30 secs and stand to win attractive prizes!
- Participants are to follow the script and rap to the beat/track given.

Who can participate?
- Each CG will send a representative to perform this special task.

:: Practise your rapping skills now! =D ::

Also, look forward to special performances from the DT Zone youths. I won't spoil the fun by disclosing too much details BUT...

There's dance and music! Not forgetting games and a powerful message brought to you by Bro Darren himself!

What are you waiting for? Avail yourself for this Youth'em event and start inviting your friends from now till Sunday.

Let them receive the Freedom of Choice!


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Monday, October 20, 2008

ehheh/// just passing by

hmm... been so long since i'd added anything here, hope everyone's fine. thanks to all who prayed and still prays for me for my upcoming A levels. it's an awful period, but thank God he's faithful. i'm really blessed in everyway.

to those who hasn't read the harvest times latest iddue RHEMA by Dr Cho, i think it's really a good article to read. 4 responses so far, all were "very good", "amazing" and "unbelievable"...

ok, i got my prelim results already. guess what. i didn't do well. really. lol. chem- 50%, math-60+% and bio-60+%. in the end, after moderation, i got (in this sequence), C, D, E for bio, math, chem respectively.

came as a huge blow to me. like i wanna cry but no tears are coming out. like i know no longer how to run the race, the path's convoluted, and i'm just fighting in pure darkness. but thank God he's faithful.

ah confession time here. my prayer time became quite irregular, missing days here and there (or just mutter a 5-min prayer and sleep). despite this, the grace of God is still true, and whenever we seek him, he shall be found.

and so i got a rhema, about I AM WHO I AM, the Jehovah who is everything. and thus says the lord, if i'd put him first, everything that i ask i shall receive. ahh... convicted. been studying and not doing quiet time...

and anyway, pastor preached about that the next day, I AM WHO I AM. that was last week. this week, he preached about how you should visualise and think positively ( the water and dr masura emmoto) . i'm a science science student, had always been, and the sermon really blessed me a lot.

how powerful God is, to make all these crystals form, when we CHOOSE to think and speak positively...

hope this encourages you and cheers to all who are going to have exams soon, jia you, and i'll see you around!


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yea nian, we are always with you! you won't believe it, but when As end, you will kind of miss chiong-ing and all the studying...i'm really sure you will do very well.

Remember: nothing is impossible, it's just to the extent we believe that we can see God's miracles working!


By Blogger zoe, at October 21, 2008 at 12:37 AM  

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I was just spending time with God last night and God reminded me about the armour that He has given to us to fight the devil. Even though i have not gone through the BS on spiritual warfare, i feel that God wants me to be prepared. I'm currently reaching out to one of my uni friends and he has quite a disheartening promise to himself. I don't know if it's the devil who prompted him to told me the promise that he has never told anyone.. but i thank God that i can put on His armour and emerge victorious. I thank God and Zoe for cellgroup message on issuing a statement of intent to the devil.

Just a short post regarding what i'm feeling(:

Isa 35:4 "Say to them [that are] of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, valerie's God will come [with] vengeance, [even] God [with] a recompence; he will come and save valerie.

thank God(:


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good to hear from you that you are fighting a good fight! i'm proud of you! =)

By Blogger zoe, at October 3, 2008 at 2:57 AM  

Amen! Thanks for sharing Val! =)

By Blogger ♥ Love Wendy Love ♥, at October 3, 2008 at 5:08 PM  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

youth'em! pop: have a break, have a piece of peace!

hey everyone! this sunday's our next youth'em!

voting has closed. CHARLES is the official e348 geek! any suggestions on how he should dress up, please contact him personally... there's nerd geek and chic geek btw... i haven't gotten the judging criteria so i'll let you ppl know asap! by wed night...

please go get your friends down ya? promise, it's gonna be good. those who attended the first youth em should have an idea. this time it'll be better...

okie then... check up for more updates!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just felt that I should post something in here... I was giving tuition earlier and chanced upon one of my old essays that I wrote, a long, long time ago. Figured there's no harm sharing it here for everyone's reading pleasure rather than let it rot in my drawers; this one's entitled 'Journeys', from, do bear in mind, my sec 4 common test, long before I came to know God and you guys. It scored 26/30. Here goes; I dedicate this to Jamie and to Zhinian, and to Hongxiu (come on! you can do better! glory to glory!):

The word 'journeys' evokes images of the passage of time, in which one progresses and travels from one point to another. Journeys are everywhere around us, intricately woven into the very fabric of the universe, from the macroscopic level to the microscopic.

When the universe as we know it began with the Big Bang thirteen billion years ago, an epic saga had begun, a journey through the tunnel of time with the end, if it exists, still far from sight. Nuclear reactions, interstellar collisions, flashes of light; the universe had journeyed from a pinprick of indescribable energy to the container of constellations and galaxies today. Similarly, the planet Earth has journeyed from a barren and rocky planet millions of years ago to become a gaia, a green and blue haven for life. Could it further journey in the near future to become a planet covered with soot and pollution? That is a side issue but one which is dictated by the journeys of its primary inhabitants, humans, otherwise known as homo sapiens.

Humankind has also come a long way since its journey began during the Pre-historic age. From primitive primates (or not, for that matter), mankind has evolved. It has been a journey of progress, and with his ingenuity and guile in solving problems came scientific developments which improved lives. For hunting and defence, sticks and stones evolved to swords and bows, to rifles and cannons, and finally to warplanes and missiles. For travelling, walking gave way to bicycles and horse-drawn carriages, to trains, and finally to automobiles and aeroplanes which cover distances that would have required months in the past in merely a few hours. From beings clad in loincloths huddled in caves the typical man has journeyed to become well-rounded beings clad in shirts and pants and dresses living in elaborate man-made structures of concrete, which brings to mind journeys of a subtly different nature.

The rise and fall of empires, of societies; are these not journeys in themselves? From small communities of people in forests and caves man has journeyed to now live in sprawling metropolises housing millions each. When the ancient people of Mesopotamia and China realised that there was safety in numbers, they bonded together to form villages, towns, cities and eventually countries. On another note, the organisation of societies has also evolved in its millenia-old journey. From primitive despotism in prehistoric times where communities were ruled by the most powerful came the monarchy where the class of aristocrats controlled power. The Greeks conceived the ideas of the republic and democracy, rule by the people, and Karl Marx more recently contemplated the idea of communism. The polarity between the last two has subsided with the end of the Cold War. Now, would people hundreds of years from now look back at that part of society's journey with fascination?

More down to earth are journeys of a personal nature. Be it commutes from home to work or school to the journey of an entire life, it is impossible to dismiss any part of our lives as not being a journey. Taking a bus to work is a journey in the literal sense. However, reading a book or participating in online forums can be journeys in knowledge. Encompassing all these is the journey of a life. From the time of conception to the time of death, a living being embarks on a kaleidoscopic journey of senses and experiences, of sights and sounds, of ideas and emotions. There is no rest-point, no break in this journey, and the only possible point where it can end is at death.

Journeys exist not just to teach, to tell, and to entertain. They exist to be experienced. Just as reading a book of fiction or watching a movie, a journey serves to bring character to any being, be it animate or inanimate. As for us, our journey has a long way to go. Taking the words from a computer game Alpha Centauri, 'Eternity lies ahead of us, have you drunk your fill?'


So yeah, there you have it, 'Journeys'. Some journeys run in parallel, some converge at some point or another. Like what Mark mentioned on the train yesterday, all of us are going through our own stepping stones and stumbling blocks in our individual lives. We are not alone in our journeys; none of us are. I have come a long way since writing the above essay back in sec 4, and I know I have a long way to go yet. I know I am not alone in my journey of life, because I have you guys, and God, with me. =) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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You are amazingly a profound writer even at the young age of 16! Like Jamie, I like the last paragraph the best becos it's the easiest to understand and connect with! =D

By Blogger ♥ Love Wendy Love ♥, at September 17, 2008 at 5:08 AM  

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


YOUTH’EM, LOL (live out loud): The Other Meaning of Life



Make it happen. Get them for the Look-o-Like contest! =)

that's all for now =)

Do get your members to be excited about the Look 'O' Like (LOL) competition, strongly encourage them to participate as its an avenue for them to invite their friends down... ATTRACTIVE PRIZES to be won!!

Note! Member and member also can join!!

The judging criteria is
1) similar features ( no need to be exactly the same luh! )
2) overall similar style (i.e. their mannerisms... the way they dress...)
3) Chemistry (i.e. how well they know each other too)

How to participate:

1) Strongly encourage them to send in their photos to during the course of the week so that we can have a rough gauge on the number of contestants

Just have to send one pic and include their names and (cg)

2) They can also sign up on that day itself! There will be a counter to register at the waiting area.
No need to bring photos unless they want to (soft copy)... cos we will probably get someone to take a photo for them on the spot...

that's all for now =)

with lots of smiles =)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

I know i haven't been blogging in our thensuddenyle348 for quite some time so it's time for an update! I see that our blog has suddenly become alive again!

Just now had the second prayer meeting with my colleagues and what can i say?! it was beyond what i imagined. We chose a different location this time with light, praise, worship, pray. 2 of them were quite dead during praise and i learnt from what Wendy said when she led praise last time that 'only the dead people cannot praise God, so is everyone alive today?!', it was a good try though. Worship was a great time of dwelling in the presence of God and each one of us taking turns to pray, to share. I was really proud of my friend that even though he had fallen away from God and had just recently went back to church, he shared! It was really an encouraging moment. This time i think we were more open to each other so it was also easier for us to share but at the same time, i thank God that each of us took the step of faith to open our mouths to speak and to edify our souls.

Starting a prayer group has been my vision and urge during the 21 days of prayer and of course, this cannot be done by myself alone for i know i'll not be bold enough to take this step but really thank God for giving me the boldness to do so, to cross my comfort zone and make a difference in my marketplace. We also discussed about who we can reached out to and the girls (my friend and myself), had the same people in my mind. It will not be an easy task as i know that once we started this prayer group the devil will be fighting with us, so we need to become even stronger to fight these wars.

One night when i was in Japan and talking to God, He spoke to me about the first touch. What was the first experience i had with God that i will not forget? Most of us came from non-christian family and we have broken rules just to be with God, like for myself, I told my mum that i was watching movie with my friends at town but i was at jurong west. That first touch from God, the first time we experience God's love pouring down as we open our hearts to Him and how we wanted to know God more and more each day, to walk with Him each day. Let's remember this special relationship we have with God today and renew it each day. (:


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Hey Val!

Thanks for sharing! That spoke to me as well! ;) Yes, thinking back, its so sweet how we came up with all sorts of things to breakthru the next level for ourselves: just coz we so wanted to touch Jesus. It was so childlike: just like when a child wants some ice cream from the freezer, he will many times over ensure there is no chance mummy can possible see him, then he chiongs for what he wants. Perhaps that is the key to someone who constantly breaks through: one who dwells in childlikeness and fear of doing crazy things for God is a commonality in his world.

I'm so so proud of you for starting your own prayer group in your own marketplace specifically, and for leading change! To think that when people think of Val, they will think of the words bordering along quiet, shy, etc...I'm sure when you like-minded close friends who love God come together, great things will be a given. Look forward to it as you keep sowing...I'm excited for you!


By Blogger zoe, at July 4, 2008 at 5:02 PM  

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My purpose

Hello guys!

Just wanna share with u my thoughts over the past few weeks..

A few weeks back... Jaydee, my good friend from security got sent by Bro Chris to ask me... "What is my purpose?"

and i thought.. wow! this is easy.. my purpose is to study for this period of my life.. and set up gatekeeperlabs (cpu cooler company) asap.

but i thought.. if that is my purpose.. then why am i not doing anything to pursue it?

So for the next week, i worked everyday to submit a proposal to Spring Sg for a 750k grant to help gatekeeperlabs become "the next technopreneurship SME" in singapore. Finally, after 26 pages and endless number of drafts, and koonpo with beers overnights at my house.. i submitted the proposal.

Then i thought.. ok whats next? Why is my vision so narrow that i feel like it can be completed in 1 week? And that sparked me to think of a greater vision, not only for my present, but for my future.

Its important for a man to have his vision clear, simple, and consistently in his mind. It was during last week's service that God reminded me of "No longer I, but Christ living in me". And somehow i thought to myself .. my vision.. is what i want to accomplish this short time that i have left. It has to only be 1 thing

To live out the fullest potential that God meant for me!

This means so many things to accomplish at different periods of my life..

for now its to do well in school, forge great friendships and be a committed friend, impact and change lives for the better, honor my parents

then i have to take responsibility and start planning for growth financially, make gatekeeper a platform for God to change the industry, find a bubbly, daring, unique, fierce yet shy but pretty and somewhat innocent, but willing to learn and step out, prays sometimes with a deep voice but yet very powerful, Lamborghini loving girl,

and a thousand other things, that will leave a legacy!

All these "tasks" appear daunting and yet i can say i enjoy doing every single one of it.

Dont make a vision something u hate doing, or it will never come to pass!

Finally i found my answer, my purpose is to live out my vision and enjoy the process of seeing lives change while doing it

living every second, up or down,


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wow! thanks Jo, for sharing from your heart! Corrinne May once said: "The best performances come from the heart; performing is about communication, about connecting with one’s audience. It is about reaching out to offer one’s story, one’s vulnerability, to a listener,” she stressed. And when its from the heart,the message becomes so much more powerful, whatever it may convey. haha so yesss keep blogging and sharing!

By Blogger jamie, at July 1, 2008 at 10:52 PM  

Thanks for answering the call in taking a step to help revive this blog! Truly, it takes a man to lead by example...hopefully many others will follow? ;)

Thanks also for sharing, and for inspiring all of us to live for a larger-than vision.

Let's keep making E348 a CG Jesus can be super dups proud of!

Together with you,

By Blogger zoe, at July 2, 2008 at 1:46 AM  

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Next Level...

Hi guys!

Seriously, our blog needs to undergo a major revamp in terms of contributors...what happened to when this blog was 1st created and everyone was so supportive and blogged?! Aei...say alot of times already laah, please catch the hint if you still call it one can? Let's be givers and sow to each other's lives with our revelations, testimonies and the likes! Or even your prayer requests etc!

Anyway, was just talking to Jamie and God spoke to me about 'the next level'. You guys are always in my prayers, and it really encourages me when I hear and see the effort some of you take to go beyond yourself to make things happen, or when you guys breakthrough in your walk with God. It makes my day, no exaggeration involved!

Things like when Cia came to me today saying that she is back in ministry and is happy about it shows the sermons are not just empty words...when Charles does so well in his NS and yet is so faithful in the KOG...when Val is taking steps to build a spiritual atmosphere in her workplace by initiating prayer groups that have materialized...things like these really make a difference.

Yep, the next level. We are 6 months into 2008. We all want to grow, but wanting is not enough. Like what B.Darren shared, knowing so much but not acting on it is not going to bring about any miracles. We got to reach out and step into the unknown, do the things that we fear most.

Question I want to ask you guys to think about: "What is the next level for me specifically?".

For some of us, it may be to be more diligent to follow through what we always speak but don't do, for others, it may be to join a ministry, yet for some, it may be to be a tither or come for CGM regularly. Whatever it is, I really believe once we all know our next level and take active steps to reach it, 2008 will be a year of transformation for E348. Let's end this year on a high for us yea?! Keep reinforcing the good habits for your breakthrough: the going can get tough, but that's when the tough gets going!


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